Click on the chosen apparmtent below. Bükk is on the right side, closer to forest, Tölgy is on the left side. You will be navigated to the Planyo calendar to see available dates. 

The dates marked with red are already booked, green dates are still available to book. Select your check-in and check-out date, and enter your required personal data.   

You need to verify your email address by clicking to a link sent in an email.                                                                                                      
Booking is only confirmed after the payment is succesfull through OTP Simple Pay. You need to have your bankcard data to proceed. After the succesful payment, you will recieve a confirmation email of your booking at your email address. 

In case your payment is failed or you do not have a bank card, you can transfer to Túrabarátok Kft.'s bank account: 11703006-25974818 (Also refer to FAQ)                   

A confirmation email will be sent through Planyo system, after each succesfull reservation to your email address. 

The reservation is automatically cancelled after 24 hours if the funds do not arrive, or a bank transfer confirmation is not sent.                                                   


The best gift to your family, friends, and even to your colleges, is a couple of days off the mad noise of the city. The treehouse's close-to-nature atmosphere will help you to focus on each others, and fully recharge yourself. 

Buy a gift voucher now, to help others have an unforgettable experience at Duna Twinhouse!



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