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Our treehouses are suitable for two persons, and located at the foot of Pilis, with the best panorama in Hungary; this is the place where the Danube smiles at you. Our cozy apartments are nestled near the forest at a romantic small village called Dömös, just an hour drive from Budapest. The panoramic terrace of the houses elevated over trees provides an amazing sight of the Danube-band. Thanks to the wide panorama window, you will feel close to Mother Nature, while still in your bed. Every apartment has its private jacuzzi, so you can enjoy the sight of the of the Börzsöny Mountain from the warm water. 

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We are at home in the nature

The wooden enterior of the tree houses will make you feel relaxed and peaceful. The unique designed furniture, is made of pine, which still has its natural scent. We also succesfully invoked nature in the bathroom with the painted patterns of tropical leaves and birds  of the wall tiles. 

The elegant wooden kitchen hides a small hotplate and a sink. Every room has its own coffee machine with capsules, hidden in a built-in cupboard beside the hotplate.

Of course, wifi and TV is also available in the rooms, but we rather suggest you to take a walk in the forest instead!


DunaTwinHouse is designed to help you relax and recharge your energy. No worries, just fully concentrate on each other! The breakfast will arrive on your doorstep each morning in a bag containing a light and delicous breakfast menu. Let us know if you need gluten or lactose free breakfast at reservation.        

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