Forest cabins

Why to choose forest cabin accomodation instead of hotels or city apartments.

2024. June 05.
Forest cabins

Forest cabin only 1 hour from Budapest

DunaTwinhouse with its 4 premium-quality romantic forest cabins welcome couples who wants to be surrounded by nature, and in the intimate silence of the forest. Each apartment has private balconies with jacuzzis overlooking the Danube Bend and the Börzsöny mountains only an hour away from Budapest.


In short, because nature shows its most diverse faces throughout all year round. Simply being in nature offers relaxation! When you look out the window, instead of watching the street traffic, you can see the undisturbed nature that calms and quiets your soul. 

Did you know? 

Forest accommodation bookings and the number of hikers increased by 25-30% during the pandemic. Travelers seek new, more outdoorsy holiday destinations in green environments that provide privacy and good relaxation to stay healthy. 

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Premium quality forest cabins for rent in the heart of Pilis Mountains>> Check our gallery and book your next stay in our luxury forest cabins for the treehouse experience

The concept of a forest lodge in Hungary covers a wide range of accommodations: from typical triangle-shaped treehouse with only essential equipment, to premium-quality, modern-styled and furnished apartments with special services. 

Where to find the best forest lodges in Hungary? 

Without a doubt, the most beautiful forest lodges in Hungary can be found in Pilis or Dunakanyar, a short distance from Budapest, the Hungarian capital. If you are willing to travel further you can find forest cabins in Mátra, or Lake Balaton too. The treehouse concept became popular in the last decade in Hungary. We believe Pilis can offer one of the country's most beautiful natural attractions from popular hikes to panoramic views of the Danube Bend. 

Treehouse experience with delicious breakfast

Let's be honest, for many of us, a delicious, chilled breakfast is the highlight of the holidays. Therefore, we  filter accomodations with "breakfast included".  What about delicious, chilled breakfast on the terrace? Come on! At DunaTwinhouse we also beliveve that a good day starts with a fresh, nutritious breakfast! We ensure you have a great start to the day with our copious breakfast hamper waiting at your doorstep. We prepare gluten- or lactose-free breakfast as well upon your request. If you are staying at the treehouse during the day, you can prepare your lunch or dinner in the well-equipped kitchen, or food delivery options are also available. Between meals you can enjoy coffee or tea on the terrace. 

Check the details

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                                 2-person forest cabin for rent - Romantic getaway with a luxurious experience

What is the ideal forest cabin accommodation?

#1. Comes with comfort

Our apartments have all the advantages of a quiet forest accommodation. Surrounded by nature, you can have your privacy but at the same time, it is easily accessible. It is only 1 hour drive away from Budapest, the Hungarian capital! Times change and so do our needs. Today, you can only imagine the treehouse experience with comfort and wellness. In DunaTwinhouse’s luxury forest cabins, you have the comfort of your home and additionally, a private jacuzzi on the terrace where you can relax, drink champagne and enjoy the breathtaking view of Danube Bend. 

#2. Various payment options

It is important that you have different options to pay at booking: online booking, SimplePay, bank transfer or SZÉP Card payment options are all available at DunaTwinhouse. 

Do you have "SZÉP Kártya"? SZÉP card covers various types of compensation employers can give additional to salaries. It can be spent on recreational activities such as tourist accommodation. 

#3. Activities nearby

Forest cabin in the heart of Pilis, Hungary with a breathtaking view of the Danube Bend. Wake up to the wonderful view of the Danube, eat your breakfast on the terrace, and then jump into the jacuzzi and just relax! When you're recharged, change your clothes, rent one of our electric bikes at the reception, and explore the area!

How to book a night in DunaTwinhouse

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Balcony dining at DunaTwinhouse

Did you know?!

The operator of DunaTwinhouse forest cabins is TúraBarátok which the travel agency organizes hiking, biking, and kayaking tours in Hungary and abroad. No one loves nature walks more than us! DunaTwinhouse is designed in a way that our guests can perfectly enjoy the silence and harmony of the environment even inside the treehouse, and have the opportunity to spend time actively in the area. Upon arrival, we recommend great hiking spots nearby.

Treehouse accommodation with huge terrace windows - just enjoy the view!

DunaTwinhouse has 4 exclusive apartments: Named after Hungarian tree varieties: Bükk, Tölgy, Hárs and Kőris apartments. All apartments have identical designs and facilities. Each has a spacious balcony with an all-year-round operating private jacuzzi from which you can enjoy the famous view of the spectacular Danube Bend. Thanks to the wide panoramic windows, and pinewood minimalist furniture you will feel close to Mother Nature, while lying in your bed. 

Which forest cabin is best suitable for you? How to decide which one to choose?

The number of treehouses in Hungary is increasing every year. People's needs are changing regarding how they like to spend their holidays. Luxurious nature-close accommodations are becoming more popular. As a customer, we have more options to choose from, but it is not always an easy decision. Let's take a look at the checklist that you should consider before booking your next holiday destination. 

#1. What is the purpose of your trip?

The location determines the range of attractions, so you should decide the purpose of your trip and plan your activities during the vacation. Should the holiday focus on undisturbed relaxation or active recreation? Is the surroundings an important factor or you rather stay in the accomodation?  

#2. Accessibility by car or public transport 

Most hosts take it for granted that guests arrive by car to the accommodation. However, tourists often travel by public transportation or alternative ways. Before you book your place, check how to get there. Easiest to use Google Maps. DunaTwinhouse is only 1 hour drive away from Budapest. For those who take intercity bus service, there is a walk at the end to reach the treehouses. It is also possible to take a taxi from Szentendre or Visegrád nearby cities. 

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DunaTwinhouse on Google Maps

#3. How many people do you travel with? Romantic gateway or a family holiday? 

Forest lodges also differ in how many people they can accommodate. The new concept of forest cabins is often for couples or a maximum of 4 people. DunaTwinhouse forest cabins are built for 2 people’s luxurious comfort, a romantic accommodation, where you and your partner can spend quality time together in your privacy. 2 apartments are next to each other but has private terraces and jacuzzis. 

#4. Pet-friendly accommodation? Do you have a furry travel companion? 

Not every accommodation accepts dogs or other furry companions. Therefore, if you are a pet owner and wish to travel with them you must confirm with your host upon reservation. DunaTwinhouse is a pet-friendly accommodation, we believe, your vacation would be incomplete without your loved animals. Such as DunaTwinhouse, forest cabins are located near hiking trails, so when you got bored of the view, you can explore the forest with them. 

#5. Forest cabin for rent? Before you book your accommodation, read about what services are included and the extra services they can provide. 

The audience of forest lodges covers a wide range: some are looking for the minimalist services provided by "kulcsos ház" (a traditional budget friendly concept - treehouse with a key - for hikers). These wooden houses in the forest are good for hikers who only use the accommodation for sleeping. Others, look for hotel standards but in a natural and peaceful environment. They also like the served breakfast and the private jacuzzi or sauna on the terrace. Yes, you are in the right place, we are a glam, close-to-nature accommodation with your needs for your comfort including a delicious breakfast every morning. 

Extra services for adventoures travellers can be bike, quad or segway rentals to discover  the area. For those who want to spend their holiday actively, DunaTwinhouse offers e-bike rentals too. Popular hiking and cycling routes start from our doorstep. Rent premium gepida e-bikes and discover the mountains and valleys with minimum effort.

#6. Forest cabin in the Danube Bend? Make sure you can enjoy your vacation even with bad weather. 

Check what is around the area that you can discover even if the weather is turning grey and rainy. Dömös is located close to bigger cities with major tourist attractions, such as Visegrád, Esztergom, or Szentendre, so you can find museums, shops, or good restaurants that you can enjoy even in bad weather. Hop on a boat for an exciting excursion to Visegrád, Esztergom or Szentendre. 

Do you have more questions? Check our FAQ

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Premium-quality forest cabin for rent in the heart of Pilis Mountains for a perfect vacation with your partner

Are you looking for an adventurous vacation? Ride an electric bike in the Pilisi Park Forest!

Rent premium e-bikes from DunaTwinhouse and explore the most beautiful parts of the Pilisi Park Forest with minimal effort! The Pilis Bike routes run through the forest on asphalt closed for car. 

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Forest cabins now offer many extra services, so you don't have to give up comfort even in the middle of the forest!

Among forest lodges, we offer apartments with a unique appearance.

When we hear the word, forest lodge or treehouse many of us think of childhood memories, cold, scary cabins in the forest with bunk beds, and outdoor toilets. The concept of close-to-nature accommodation has changed drastically in the last decade or so. Today, you can enjoy hotel-standard comfort with more privacy and relaxation to disconnect from busy working life for a short time! You definitely won't regret it! 

Treehouse experience in Hungary in a unique environment? DunaTwinhouse!

Disconnect from the city but not the internet! The area around the Pilis Mountains and especially Visegrád has one of the most popular hiking spots in Hungary, and not without reason! The wonderful Danube Bend and its numerous historical sites are popular among tourists. You can freely explore the area from our apartments, and when you return to the accommodation, you can immediately share your experiences on your favorite social media channels with a stable Wi-Fi connection! 

Special occasion? In DunaTwinhouse pemium quality forest cabins you can order to set up the room for a romantic proposal, honeymoon, birthday or other special occasion!

We warmly recommend our modern-style apartments with pinewood designer furniture for couples to celebrate a romantic engagement or an anniversary, or to escape from busy everyday life! Our apartments are fully equipped, with a tropical-style shower, separate toilet, cooling-heating air-conditioning, a fridge, and a private jacuzzi on the spacious terrace!

Check out our prices

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Panoramic view from the DunaTwinhouse

Recharge your batteries in nature! Spend a day or two in a forest cabin in the Danube Bend

Today, the majority of people struggle the most with permanent stress and an overworked lifestyle, which exhausts them not only physically, but also mentally. The undeniable advantage of forest accommodations is that they have a beneficial effect on all the senses: the green color calms the mind, and the silence and peace calm the nerves.

Forest cabins: how do we find the location that best suits our needs?

Location is one of the most important for guests when searching for accommodation. It must be easily accessible by car or public transport. Forest lodges can be remote in terms of location as they are in or nearby woods and often far from the city. >> You are close to nature in DunaTwinhouse, popular hiking trails start just by our doorstep but the premium quality apartments are easily accessible by car or public transport, only 1 hour from Budapest! 

The accommodation in the forest must also stand out with its equipment for those searching for a luxurious forest cabin experience. DunaTwinhouse apartments have very comfortable beds and have all the necessary equipment that you need during your holiday. The moment you step in you feel at home. You can cook your lunch or dinner in the kitchen, make a coffee or tea, and sit outside on the balcony to enjoy the spectacular view of the Danube Bend. 

When choosing forest cabins, you should take into account who the neighboring holiday partners are. If you travel with family or friends you do not want to disturb others but if the purpose of your visit is a romantic gateway you wish to have your privacy. Modern treehouses are built to accommodate couples, just like DunaTwinhouse where you can have undisturbed privacy during your stay. 

I would like to book my holiday!

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Minimalist pinewood design at DunaTwinhouse

A forest cabin accommodation has numerous advantages over other types of accommodation available on the market:

  • Privacy during the vacation is 100% ensured;
  • Nothing will distract you from relaxation, you are in a quiet and peaceful environment where you can listen to birds chirping;
  • You can go hiking or an active sports trip (such as an e-bike trip or kayaking) in the area;
  • The fully furnished and equipped apartment ensures independence and comfort during your vacation. 

Would you like to escape from the urban environment and reconnect with nature and positive energies? Choose DunaTwinhouse's modern-style treehouse apartments for your next holiday!

This is where DunaTwinhouse is located: 2027 Dömös, Komlós u. 4. 

Do you have questions? 

Email us:

Call us:+36 30 1632262

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